Midori regularly writes for various publications, mainly focusing on her area of research on British and Japanese music. 

Her writings, spanning across books, magazines and CD liner notes, have received widespread recognition.


Vaughan Williams (Simon Heffer, 2014) 


Japanese translation by Midori Komachi and Nobuya Takahashi


Artes Publishing, 2022

Delius as I knew him (Eric Fenby, 1936) 


Japanese translation by Midori Komachi 


Artes Publishing, 2017



Delius Society Journal
April 2014 Issue
Delius: Sonata for Violin and Piano No.1
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Spirited Magazine, UK

Winter 2014-15 Issue

Book Review: Delius and his Music by P.Guinery & M.Lee-Browne


CD Liner Notes


The Courtaulds' Music Collection 

-Samuel and Elizabeth Courtauld's musical legacy


Compilation Album: Masters of Impressionism (KING RECORDS) in collaboration with the Courtuald Exhibition ('19-'20) in Japan. 

Biographies and programme notes of works by Rebecca Clarke, Gordon Jacob, E.J.Moeran, Alan Rawsthorne


Album: Warp & Weft (EM Records) 

Delius and Gauguin


Album: Colours of the Heart (MusiKaleido Records)