Concert Series: Music of Britain and Japan


Fantasie Orientale


Music of Britain and Japan: A cultural exchange

Friday,8th July 2011– 7pm, Regent Hall


         Midori Komachi- violin    Olivia Geiser- piano

An evening of music inspired by cultural interactions between          Britain and Japan.


The “Japanese Village” in Knightsbridge, 1885, was the first showcase of Japanese culture in London. This led to a flourishing cultural exchange and composers of both countries were inspired by this idea. In search of a juxtaposition of sound – what were the composers’ perception of the “other” culture? What kind of image did they portray through the sound?


                                     Regent Hall 275 Oxford Street, London W1C 2DJ


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Door opens at 6:30pm.



Granville Bantock: Sonata for violin and piano No.3

Kosaku Yamada:Chanson Triste Japonaise

Cyril Scott: Fantasie Orientale

Toru Takemitsu: From Far Beyond Chrysanthemums and November Fog

Oliver Knussen: Prayer Bell Sketch- in memory of Takemitsu

Yuka Takechi: Beyond the Spring


 This concert is supported by: 

Friends of the Royal Academy of Music