record releases

OTOCARE: Melody forest

Released via MSCTY Studio 


Midori recorded 4 original arrangements of British and Japanese folksongs for the Otocare Project. 


Otocare was founded by Yu Morishita and Hikari Sandhu from the University of Tokyo and Nick Luscombe from MSCTY_Studio, to research the use of sound recordings to improve the wellbeing of staff and patients in high-stress medical environments. Otocare’s mission is to foster a deep sense of wellbeing through sound. 

Nick Luscombe (MSCTY_Studio) recorded the forest sounds at Yamanakako in Japan and blended Midori's violin to create a new mix. 

The tracks featured are as follows: 

  • Down by the Salley Gardens (Irish Folksong arr. Midori Komachi) 
  • Hamabe no Uta /Song of the Seashore (Tamezo Narita arr. Midori Komachi) 
  • The Water is Wide (Scottish Folksong arr. Midori Komachi) - this song is also known as O Waly Waly in Wales, and Hiroi Kawa no Kishibe in Japanese 
  • Home Sweet Home (English Folksong arr. Midori Komachi) - this song is also known as Hanyu no Yado in Japanese 


Released as part of compilation album:

I hope this message finds you well Vol.1 


Released via Nonclassical 



Window was composed and recorded during the first UK lockdown. More than ever, the sound of nature seemed to resonate deeper, with its oscillating colours seeping through the window. This window became my gateway to hope and inspiration.


Composed, Recorded & Produced by Midori Komachi


This short piece for solo violin was inspired by Matsuo Basho (1644 - 1694)'s haiku, 'Shizukasaya' (Translation: Tranquility). 


Ah, tranquillity

Penetrating the very rock, 

a cicada’s voice.


This is one of Basho's most well-known haikus, and depicts the state of mind between reality and 'another world' -  in finding one's self and tranquility through listening further into a sound. 


Basho masterfully conveys this meaning through the sounds of the cicadas, which are very loud during summer in Japan (usually considered noisy and annoying sounds). 


This became the inspiration for Midori to explore between 'noise', 'pure sound' and 'space' - which are all very flexible parameters on the violin. 

Peace and healing in the orient

Released via LUSH / ECC Records



Midori collaborated with cosmetics brand LUSH in composing music for the treatment 'LUSH Tangled Hair' - a massage incorporating Japanese techniques. 


Produced by Simon Emmerson, Richard Evans, Nick Luscombe, Simon Richmond. 

Composed and performed by The Nightjar Orchestra featuring Midori Komachi (violin), Clive Bell (shakuhachi) and Ríoghnach Connolly (flute and vocals) with Rose Doonan (backing vocals), Simon Emmerson (guitar and cittern), Richard Evans ( bass, mandolin, keyboards), Ged Lynch (drums and percussion), Simon Richmond (keyboard), Nick Luscombe (soundscapes).