LIFE Exhibition, Maggie's Centres 2017-2019

Music installation for Maggie's Centres LIFE Exhibition

A Photographic Exhibition by Zoë Law


Music by: Midori Komachi (composer, violin), Ski Oakenfull (composer, electronics) 

Installation by Musicity 

Commissioned by Maggie's Centres UK




LIFE is an intimate photography exhibition by photographer Zoë Law, who spent a year inviting people living with cancer to her studio to take part in photoshoots with their family and friends. All of those who took part have been supported by Maggie’s Centre across the UK through their different cancer experiences.

In collaboration with electronic artist/producer Ski Oakenfull, Midori Komachi wrote original music for this exhibition, incorporating the voices of those patients supported by Maggie's. The music was designed and structured to be installed at four rooms of Christie's London, where this exhibition was first launched. 

Since the launch in September 2017 at Christie's London, this exhibition has toured around the UK throughout 2017-2019, and has been reimagined for different gallery spaces, including:

Christie's London - Link to an article here

The Lowry (Manchester) - Link to an article here

The Senedd (Cardiff) - Link to event here

Pallant House Gallery (Chichester)