LUSH: New Spa Experience

Peace and Healing in the Orient - Music for 'Tangled Hair' Treatment (2018)

Midori collaborated with UK Cosmetics brand LUSH in writing original music for the new massage treatment 'Tangled Hair'.


The music is experienced through a wearable speaker. 


This treatment was launched with a live performance, to coincide with the opening of the LUSH Spa at the Shinjuku Flagship Store. 



Tangled Hair, LUSH


ORIGINAL COMPOSITION: Midori Komachi (violin), Clive Bell (shakuhachi), Rioghnach Connolly (flute and vocals), Simon Emerson (guitar), Richard Evans (bass, mandolin, keyboard) Ged Lynch (drums and percussion), Simon Richmond (keyboard) 


FIELD RECORDINGS: Nick Luscombe (Musicity) 

Commissioned by LUSH