#4 Music in Nature - Gruta do Salitre


Diamantina is not only known for its musical heritage but also for its spectacular surrounding nature. This is one of the things which is difficult to experience in a digital residency, and which I dearly miss, but nevertheless, I have been amazed and inspired by the videos I received of local musicians playing at the Gruta do Salitre (The Saltpeter Cave).  


Gruta do Salitre is a natural cave in the southeastern region of Diamantina. From what I have heard, this place has some incredible natural acoustics! The above video is  performance by Evandro Archanjo & Ariadne Paixão, playing Charles Koechlin: Sonata for 2 Flutes, op. 75.


According to Evandro, this is all casual – with such a peaceful and resonating environment, it’s only natural that musicians get together for a hike, and stop along the way for some music. What a wonderful way to make music! 



Here is another video from Evandro, where he plays some chorinho (Brazilian popular music particularly rooted in Diamantina): 



Evandro is an expert on chorinho (not only that, but he is also an organist, who can play the historical organ in Diamantina). Over the next few weeks, I’m looking forward to my conversation with him and discovering more about the music of chorinho from the local musicians!